Master The Ultimate Survival Weapon In Just 7 Days!

Dear fellow survivalist,

First of all, I'm a fan of guns.

I own a bunch of 'em.

But no true survivalist could ever call themselves "protected" in a post-collapse environment without a good gun OR a good blade.

In fact, there's one blade that I'd have to say could actually be the best survival weapon ever...

... the MACHETE!

I have lots of reasons for why the machete beats out firearms in your ultimate survival weapons plan.

For example...

  • Proven Lethality - It's been estimated that about 600,000 people were killed with machetes during the genocidal Rwandan war in the 1990s. Essentially, the machete is a short sword - and very deadly in the right hands.
  • Silent Killer - Your goal in a collapse is to remain undetected and people are naturally attracted to gunfire. If you ever have to fire a shot in defense, police and military will quickly come running to possibly detain you and/or confiscate your weapon. Hungry civilians may think you bagged a deer and will be seeking food. Either way, you just blew your cover. But a machete offers silent, lethal protection.
  • No Ammo... No Re-loading - Any soldier will tell you that in a real battlefield firefight, your biggest concern is running out of ammo. Face it, you can only carry so much and when you've unloaded your last round, your AR-15 is basically a giant paperweight. Machetes don't run out of ammo and it's likely that most people you'll be forced to defend against will have melee weapons anyway (like knives, bats, tire irons, shovels, axes, etc.) The machete has a convincing advantage over all of these.

But here's the key to the machete's true potential as a defense weapon...

The Machete Is ONLY As Effective As The Person Who Wields It!

Just as you wouldn't think to buy a handgun and not take it to the range to become tactically proficient with it, nor could you expect to be a true "blade master" without knowing how to actually use a machete in real life-or-death combat.

You're in luck...

Because with this one-time offer, you can pick up both the "Combat Machete" and "Advanced Combat Machete" instructional DVD bundle at 50% off if you act right now!

Over 2 Hours Of Extreme Fighting Tactics... For Only $7!

We don't waste any time showing you exactly how to wield a machete in true life-or-death combat!

In this cutting-edge DVD, you'll discover over 2 hours of fast-action training designed to build your foundation of tactical know-how when it comes to choosing... hiding... and employing the machete "short sword" in a collapse-like environment.

In this exclusive jam-packed DVD, you'll discover...

  • What you can REALLY expect after a major collapse or crisis! Life can be vastly different once the rule of law takes a back seat to survival and domination. It's best to realize this now... and prepare for your ultimate protection!
  • 7 ways to covertly carry your "combat machete" so you'll always be instantly armed - yet completely undetectable by others around you!
  • Why the common "hack & chop" attack will get you killed in real combat! If you think you can just pick up a machete and start chopping your way to safety, then hear me now... mobility is key and to stay agile (and alive), you'll need to master the use of both the machete AND your body movement at the same time. We'll show you how!
  • How to make your strikes vitually "invisible"! Your attackers' defense will be futile as your blade seems to appear out of thin air using this ancient blade technique.
  • The easy (yet devastating) way to DOUBLE your cutting power! In real combat, you can't get tangled up with one attacker - you must end the fight quickly. This "feet-body-blade" method unleashes shocking force into all your cuts to take any armed attacker out fast!
  • "Less-than-lethal" methods of attack to harness the fight-crushing power of the machete without taking a life in the process. (You may need this if your attackers are simply your fellow citizens trying to grab your supplies.)
  • "Close quarters" bladework! The machete is more than just a "distance" weapon and you'll see first hand how to employ it in face-to-face battle where your attacker is most vulnerable!
  • Solo & partner drills to master even advanced tactics quickly! I promise that you'll be amazed at just how fast you'll be swinging the blade like a battlefield hero.
  • 8 ways to use your machete to block, parry, and deflect incoming attacks from bats, pipes, shovels, and even another knife or machete!
  • "The Wall" - A simple drill to pressure-test your combat skills and develop your "6th sense" of zen-like combat flow to make machete-fighting look and feel effortless!
  • And Much, Much More!
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